Using my cooling system to my advantage

I have a scar on my back and it is because of my parent’s gas fireplace. Last Christmas I went home to my parent’s house. My mom has this thing where my sisters and I all need to spend the night in her house. She wants all the kids under her roof for one night. Christmas morning is when I got my scar. I was used to heated floors, since that is what I have. My heated flooring system is below the floorboards, silent and never gets too hot. There is never a fear of burning myself. My parents had a gas fireplace with a glass plate front. The glass front shows a decorative fire burning. It has fake logs and flames. A little corny, but cute and effective at heating. Well, I did not think anything about the glass plate. I had my shirt off since the heating was intense and opening presents. I was sitting on the ledge of the heating system when I decided to lean back. I wanted to use the glass as a back rest. I burned the crap out of my back just by touching it for a few seconds. The glass plate was so hot that it burned my skin off. My skin burnt to the glass plate and I now have a scar the shape of a peanut on my back. My mother eventually got my skin off the heater. But, I still have the burn scar on my back due to that fireplace. I did not realize that

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