Vacation without any heating

My girlfriend, Joy, is a big camping enthusiast.  Every chance she gets, Joy takes off into the woods with nothing more than a tent and her backpack. She just loves sleeping under the stars, bathing in a lake, and cooking grub over an open fire. She constantly tries to get me to join him. I like the comforts of my home. I love to have access to running water, a hot shower, a stove and thermostat. I’ve spent a whole lot of time, effort and money to make my home as enjoyable and comfortable as possible. I see no reason to leave it and languish without modern amenities.  Last fall, Joy talked me into a five day-long camping trip into the mountains. She promised to get a cabin with electric, plumbing, and HVAC. We drove for hours, then parked the car and hiked for hours to get to the cabin. I was tired when we arrived, and not pleased to find a fireplace instead of an HVAC system. Instead of a furnace that provided heat, we needed to chop firewood to light a fire. The work of cutting the wood, hauling it inside and getting the fire going was difficult and time-consuming. It was messy, and then we had smoke and ash.  We had to get right up near the fire for warmth. This was not the best vacation. From now on, I am getting a hotel with room-service, indoor pool, and a working climate control system. I want to take hot showers, have breakfast in bed, and adjust the thermostat to my liking.