Very high quality HVAC

I recall this awful ordeal my family and I went through. All of us were in the middle of the Summer during a awful heat wave and our a/c quickly broke down on us. I don’t suppose we’ve ever been so hot and miserable in our lives! This was entirely turning into a dangerous situation, because the people I was with and I quickly could have suffered a heat stroke! I purchased a bunch of ice from the store to keep in the freezer. All of us just kept using ice to try and keep ourselves cool. My kid even thought to put some ice in a container and blow the fan over it for a little bit of cooling relief. That worked a little bit, but it wasn’t air conditioning. When I went to the store to try to find some window a/c units, I couldn’t find any because they were sold out before noon. It was such a difficult situation! I decided to put my family in a hotel until Heating, Ventilation and A/C contractors could help us repair our a/c! It took a few days to make it happen, yet eventually I was able to get through to a place that was able to help us out! When our a/c was finally back on in our place, I swore that I would handle our Heating, Ventilation and A/C system repairs before the serious weather arrived. I never wanted to experience being overheated like that again! The whole time we dealt with that experience, I was thinking it could have been avoided simply by having an HVAC tune up before the heatwave arrived.

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