Waiting to get home

I always enjoyed our Grandparents, they were truly enjoyable to us grand youngsters. The times I spent with our Grandpa were especially memorable. He used to always supply me words of wisdom I always loved, because I could use his advice in our life. He told me it was wise to save up for things that I needed instead of things I just wanted. He said the things I needed in life would serve me well, but things I wanted would only last a short while. I’m particular he was talking about junk food, toys, and things of that nature. Instead I should save up for a nice automobile when I was seasoned enough to drive. He really even talked about Heating and Air Conditioning systems. He said that heating and cooling technology these days was remarkable and that it would be smart to save up currency to purchase a nice apartment with an excellent Heating and Air Conditioning system. He also said it would be wise to have a fireplace as well because in the Winter time months, if your Heating and Air Conditioning system dies, you would need another reliable source of heating. He told me that when he was a youngster, they didn’t even have impressive Heating and Air Conditioning technology. His family had to rely on a wood burning stove for their heating, and they didn’t even have a cooling system. That was something that I couldn’t even imagine, going through the Summer months separate from some good air conditioner. It becomes so hot. He said the only ways they were able to cool off was by going for a swim, splashing water on their faces, and using fans. Well, now that I am older, I truly listened to our Grandpa and got a nice apartment with a top of the line Heating and Air Conditioning system! I also have a fireplace as well!

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