Want more HVAC In the hospital

I have been employed as a labor & delivery dentist for the past 12 years; a lot of those years have been with the identical local hospital.The hospital is known for our open heart surgeries & lung updatements, I task at the same hospital where several of our kids were born. I have been at the place for a long time, over the next few years, there have been a lot of odd hospital administrators! NOt one of them did anything to service the air quality problems in the hospital, the air quality is a problem that affects the staff & our patients! Many people complain about the indoor temperatures & lack of air quality cleaning. I did not realize how awful the concern had become, until the medical center built a new area. The new area is brand-new, including new beds, technology, & a brand new Heating & Air Conditioning system. I was working in the new area last week, & the air quality is wonderful, but everything smells disinfect & fresh, & there is unquestionably little debris in the air. The new hospital area genuinely feels like a disinfected & sanitary area! After noticing the huge difference between the new wing & outdated area, I right then and there sent a letter to the hospital administrator. I had over 2 dozen shopper complaints, which have been logged during the past year by itself. Most of the complaints are related to our older Heating & Air Conditioning system. Some patients have concerns about indoor temperatures & others have concerns about the air quality.

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