Want the a/c flowing well

Last saturday, when I was at a friend’s locale, I genuinely asked if I could adjust the temperature control! My buddy seemed to be offended by myself and others even asking this question, and i could have been obnoxious and just adjusted it without asking, but I’m certain I would have been kicked out of his house! She told me that nobody touches the temperature control in his house, except for her and her only. I was truthfully surprised that he became so furious about it, even some of my other friends thought it was unnecessary for his to react appreciate that. Some people even said it easily wasn’t a big problem at all. I decided to go into the other room to relax a little bit and turned on a fan. I noticed my friend watched me to make sure I didn’t touch the temperature control. I seriously wasn’t going to after he reacted appreciate that. I was feeling easily uncomfortable at this point in time, and that’s when I came to terms that I was just going to head back home. It was crazy, I was basically good until I asked about lowering down the temperature control and then I felt appreciate I was unwelcome at the house. I told my friends I was leaving. Then my friend apologized for his reaction and said if I easily wanted to adjust the temperature control, it was all good. She said he just wanted myself and others to stick around because the night was far from over! Everybody else seemed to want me stick around, so I said I would stick around and I was happy to adjust the temperature control to get the cooling system working a little bit more!

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