Want the furnace taken care of

I have been occupied constantly at work. One sizable reason is the incoming icy weather. Ever since the temperature fell drastically below 50 degrees, I have been overwhelmed with heating system tune-up work to complete. I task for a small heating system repair supplier, and every one of us only have three HVAC service technicians. Even our boss has been running service calls, while the the whole crew has been finally working on heating system tune-ups. The two of us supply over the top service and great prices, and every one of us stay busy throughout the year. Most of our clients take advantage of our yearly service plan, for a small biweekly cost, the yearly service plan also has included in it a heating system tune-up and an cooling system tune-up. These tuneups can be arranged at the customer’s discretion. The full heating system and cooling system service plan also provides clients with free estimates and evaluations. If our client hears a unusual noise in the air vent, they can call us to come in. If the cooling system isn’t efficiently running as it should, every one of us will come investigate the problem at no cost. Most of our increased work occurs during November and December. As soon as the weather starts dipping below 60, most of our shoppers call at the same time. I have been finally working on heating system tune-ups every day. My normal 8-hour day is no longer a reality. I cannot whine about it too much, though, because I am racking in a heap of overtime. My company even pays us double time, for all of our weekly hours over 40. I cannot ask for a better task environment or supervisor. I hope I can stay with this supplier until I retire.