Want to go with a gas heater

When our parents moved down south & took up permanent residence in their summer time home, they left the apartment that I grew up in to myself and others & our wifey & child. It was such a big surprise, & so nice of them to help myself and others as I was starting out with our family. I was really fond of that aged house. It held so various memories for me. I was really happy to be raising our child in it, but myself and others & our wifey wanted to make some improvements. It was a rather big Victorian house, & there were a few things that really needed upgrading. Our primary concern was switching out the aged boiler for a current gas furnace system.The boiler might have had a few more years in it, but the two of us wanted a current & more efficient gas furnace. Installing the current gas gas furnace was not our only concern when it came to being comfortable in our home. As fond as I was of this aged home, I distinctly remember how drafty it could be & how various rooms had cold spots. The people I was with and I would not be able to take full advantage of our gas gas furnace until the two of us had addressed these concerns. So, the two of us extensively weather-stripped the windows & doors, even replacing some of the older windows entirely. When it was all said & done, & the current gas gas furnace was installed & all the areas where heat could escape & cold could seep in we’re satisfactorily sealed, the apartment was more hot & comfortable than it had ever been during our childhood!