Warm air is great

I recently needed to go out of town to facilitate a building workshop  down in the southern part of the state… It is always hot, believe me, but when you go 300 miles even farther south, it is even hotter. If you own or operate a business, the last thing you would want to happen is for your air conditioning go on the fritz, however heating plus cooling companies thrive in this southern climate because it takes less than an  hour of your air conditioning not working to make you recognize you are going to pass out from overheating, anyway, as I was driving south, it was getting hotter plus hotter, as proved by the thermostat located in the vehicle that said outside: 91. I came to the ramp to the turnpike, plus I then realized that I did not have enough extra cash to pay the tolls. It was then that I opted to stop at a store, find an ATM, plus get some extra cash for the toll booths. I stopped at the first store I arrived at hoping that they would let myself and others purchase a pack of breath mints plus get cash back, then no such luck! Thank goodness they did have an ATM machine. I decided it was better than nothing plus headed over to it despite the likely large fee. It was really close, just a few steps really, but man was it ever boiling hot inside. I complained but all  he said, “yup.” The lack of air conditioning made myself and others want to just vacate. The lack of air conditioning must have kept him from even lifting his head up. He looked like the Heating plus A/C hadn’t been working in over a year. He looked terribly pale plus possessed no energy because there just wasn’t any nice air quality unit. The ATM would not give myself and others any cash for some untold reason, but I am convinced that if they purchased a new air conditioning in that store, the ATM would have worked perfectly. Next time, I will pull my cash out before leaving my hometown where all the people uses their air conditioning.

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