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Memorial had just passed, marking the unofficial start of the summer.  Is your HVAC system ready for the summer heat? With the sweltering heat upon us, there is but one relief in sight, and that is a well working air conditioner.  The cool, refreshing breeze from the air conditioner is a welcome respite from the oppressive heat that is our summer. My air conditioner is ready for the summer because I had the HVAC professional come out and perform an A/C tune-up, knowing that the summer temperatures were going to be very high this year.  Of course, it helps that my son is an HVAC technician. He comes by and changes out my air filter for me on a regular basis, and I make him an excellent homemade meal, usually one of his childhood favorites. Even though it is not necessary, I would gladly let him change my air filter weekly, in order to see my boy.  He’s doing very well in the HVAC business, and I’m quite proud of him. He’s learning a great deal about the maintenance of heating and cooling equipment and he’s enjoying himself while he works, which will allow him to spend many years in the HVAC business. He will soon be helping to install brand new HVAC systems around town, which is a whole other side of the A/C business.  I could not be happier for him that he’s found his calling in HVAC technology, and now all I need is my A/C to break, so I can see my boy more.

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