We don’t want to hurt the environment

Last Wednesday was fight night and I figured it would be a fine thing to have a bunch of friends over to watch them. I was super gleeful to have all my bros over for the fun time and went to the extent of buying the fight on pay-per-view, picking up a bunch of beer as well as popcorn, and making sure the family would leave us alone to our celebration.

            Guys started arriving around 6:00 and we started drinking and eating while talking to catch up. The fights began at 7:00 and by that time an hour of partying had made the room very stuffy and hot. I went over to the control machine, turned on the ac, and went back to partying and seeing the fights. A few minutes later I noticed that the room felt much hotter than before. I checked the control machine to make sure I had not switched on the gas furnace by mistake. I had not been mistaken in setting the control machine, which could only mean that the air conditioner was not working. I checked the air conditioner and sure enough it was off. I checked the breakers as well and looked for any noticable signs of something wrong. I am no Heating & A/C person so I  just went back to the party

            By the time the last fight was on we were all soaked in sweat. We really didn’t care because we were all caught up in the moment. The next day I called a Heating & A/C contractor to come fix our air conditioner.

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