We need a better heater

My parents did their best to raise me to be an undoubtedly easy person to please. The people I was with and I had everything that we needed, but we did not live extravagant lives by any stretch. I inherited all of my toys and multiple hand-me-down clothes from older cousins, and I didn’t really mind that most of the time. However, the only time that it bothered me was during the summer when the weather really peaked in heat. I didn’t have access to regular central air conditioning like many of my friends did, so the people I was with and I only had window air conditioning units in the living room of the house. This worked well to make our living room cool at night, which easily helped us sleep, but it didn’t help us during the day. I didn’t spend time in the living room all day, as I was playing outside and returning to the living room during the day to cool off. When we were in the living room, I would be dying from the heat if the window A/C unit was currently suffering a breakdown or a power outage! It made me crazy as a kid, whenever the power went out and we lost access to cool air. For a while, I used to try to hide in my friend’s home as long as I could, so I could enjoy his central air conditioning at his home for some relief. My dad would get so angry with me when he found out I ran off to my friend’s house all day, as he tried to encourage me to get outside and enjoy the sunshine. I wanted nothing like that! I just wanted to enjoy the cool air as I got older. The folks never understood why I was this way, but I just couldn’t take the Summer weather anymore! I made sure to invest in a house equipped with central heating and air conditioning in my house, as I didn’t want to relieve the heat of Summer ever again!

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