We’re moving forwards on our ideas

Last Wintertime, our hubby, Stanley, and I packed up and headed south for a multiple weeks.  Every one of us were tired of dealing with the freezing weather and snow. Every one of us live along the northern border of the country, and our Winter Times tend to be long and annoyed.  The outside temperature frequently drops and remains well below zero, and the snow piles up in crucial drifts. Every one of us are trapped in the house, forced to run the furnace non stop, and spend far too much time shoveling snow and scraping ice.  Heading south for multiple weeks was the perfect escape, however all of us were upset about the integrity of the home while all of us were away. With such brutal weather, all of us couldn’t simply lock the doors and hope for the best. While all of us didn’t want to leave the furnace blasting at max capacity and spend a fortune to heat an empty house, all of us couldn’t shut the heating plan down.  When the temperature drops to twenty below zero, there is a unquestionably real danger of pipes cold. However, with the furnace running, there is always the option of a dangerous malfunction. The furnace could overheat, leak carbon monoxide into the house, or hastily quit entirely. I spoke with a local Heating as well as Air Conditioning company about our troubles, and he proposed that Stanley and I invest in a smart control equipment with WIFI connectivity.  The control equipment is linked to an app on our smartphones allowing us to monitor and regulate the operation of Heating as well as Air Conditioning and air quality components. While lying on a beach under a palm tree, I can access the controls of the furnace at home. I can increase or decrease control equipment settings, make sure everything is running respectfully, and get alerts for any maintenance requirements or concerns. The control equipment will even notify our Heating as well as Air Conditioning company directly if there is a problem.  

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