We’re quite worried

I can be a certainly forgetful dude.  It hasn’t gotten any better with the passage of time.  There is just no going anywhere without our trusty pad plus pen.  Lists are the only thing that keep me even marginally connected to what I need to do.  Some might call it absent minded. There is certainly a case to be made for that. However, I find I concentrate on one thing which then leads to multiple other things not on the list.  There is rarely a day where everything on the list is crossed off. Then there are the subtle household things I never remember. I could not tell you whether the air ducts in our condo have ever been cleaned.  Actually, I’m not certain of the location of perhaps 90 percent of the air ducts. Yet, I am always reminded of the Heating plus Air Conditioning plan when I walk into our cool dwelling. So, where’s the savior for the duct system.  But then again, I regularly forget to set respected Heating plus Air Conditioning maintenance appointments. And, that is just stupid. The Heating plus Air Conditioning plan needs to be checked or tuned up at least twice per year. The Heating plus Air Conditioning tech always catches something which could have led to a heating plus cooling breakdown.  He tells me every time I see him that 85 percent of Heating plus Air Conditioning breakdowns could have been prevented. The Heating plus Air Conditioning supplier even has a program I could join so I didn’t have to schedule the maintenance. I just can’t remember to call plus sign up. My guys are threatening to program alarms into our cell phone to alert me to stuff not on our weekly list.  I feel that would be fine. Perhaps they can program the alert to go off once a week to replace the air filter. I always forget that too.

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