What do I do now

About a year ago, I lost my task and was unable to find another.  Falling behind on my mortgage, health insurance and weekly expenses, I needed to figure out a way to acquire a living.  I decided to make some changes to my beach house and create a bed-and-breakfast. While I was tied up over taking out a loan, the renovations were fairly minor and incostly.  I am fortunate to have a boiler furnace, which adapted well. The boiler pumps heated water through a system of pipes, which are connected to baseboard furnaces in each room.  The hydronic furnace is lovelyly energy efficient, safe, and clean. It also allows easy zoned control of temperature. With the addition of control units in all of the rooms, each space can now be controlled independently.  Not only are the guests able to customize temperature to their preference, but I avoid heating unoccupied rooms. Plus, the influx of heat is honestly gentle, and because no new air is introduced, it avoids an influx of dust and other allergens.  I’ve never had a guest complain about the cleanliness, comfort or aroma of the rooms. Because the system heats up honestly hastily, maintains an even temperature, and uses little energy, my weekly costs are kept quite low. Prior to summer, I need to invest in some type of cooling system.  I have held off because I wanted to make sure my supplier idea would labor out. I am now planning to install a ductless multi-chop cooling system, which won’t require any major tear down and should perfectly suit my requirements.

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