What do you guys think of my plans?

When I went into the army, I had zero work skills. I did not know what task would suit me best, so my recruiter picked a task for me. I spent half a year studying HVAC repair. By the time I completed my training, I was able to service a furnace, an air conditioner, and every other piece of HVAC equipment. I was stationed close to home, which was truly nice because I got to see my family often. Eventually, I met a wonderful girl who convinced me into marriage. Shortly after my girl and I got hitched, I was sent to a new base. My girl was actually upset because she could not go with me. I was going to be traveling 4,000 miles away from home to work on air conditioning units in a hot part of the country. They needed a crew of Heating plus A/C mechanics to find plus service the issue. I was told I only had to stay at the base for six weeks while I worked on the air conditioners. Since the stay was short and the weather extremely hot, my girl opted to stay home. As soon I was able to remedy the air conditioning complications, I was looking forward to returning home. The average temperatures were well above 90, and I was simply miserable. Unfortunately, the military gets to tell me what to do, which also affects my partner. Six weeks turned into months of stormy hot weather. By the time I came back home, my wife was no longer happy with me.