What kind of HVAC do I want?

Before building our home, my hubby and I looked into all unusual style of heating and cooling equipment.  I hadn’t realized there were so numerous unusual options, and wasn’t aware of the impressive technological advancements.  Today’s heating and cooling systems are far more energy efficient, safe and compact than those of just several years ago. Both of us were super interested in a boiler heating plan because of the versatility.  A boiler can link to radiators, baseboard heaters, or radiant flooring and is capable of supplementing tepid water needs and powering a snow melt system. Boilers are known for their durability, quiet operation, and clean, gentle heating.  There’s no outside air getting pumped into the home, so this type of heating is ideal for anyone with allergy symptoms. Unfortunately, a boiler offers no opportunity for cooling. In the section where the people I was with and I built our home, air conditioner isn’t a requirement, but the people I was with and I certainly wanted it.  Both of us then looked into electric heat pumps because of their exceptional energy efficient. A heat pump combines both heating and cooling capacity into a single compact unit. Because the plan moves existing heat energy from 1 place to another, instead of burning fossil fuels to generate heat, it is super safe and economical to operate.  A heat pump, but, struggles to keep up with demand once the outside temperature drops below cold. Since our Wintertime conditions are frequently below thirty-two degrees, and sometimes well below zero, a heat pump wouldn’t be able to keep up. Both of us ended up choosing a forced air gas gas furnace combined with a central cooling system. The heating and cooling plan relies on a duct plan to carry heated and cooled air to the rooms of the home.  

HVAC set up