Why you need to control the air quality

Living down south, the humidity is a greater concern than the heat.  Excessive moisture causes all sorts of mangle to the home, extreme discomfort & health complications.  Wood tends to swell & warp in moist conditions, which puts hardwood floors & furnishings at risk. All sorts of contaminants, such as mold, mildew, bacteria, & viruses thrive in hot, damp environments.  The dust mite population multiplies truly suddenly. It’s hard to sleep when there’s excess humidity, & it drawbackly impacts productivity. Headache, sore throat, itchy eyes, respiratory infection & aggravated symptoms of allergies & asthma are all consequences of excessive humidity.  Central undefineds are designed to remove heat from the air, & help truly little with humidity. When the home feels boiling & clammy, it encourages lower control device settings. This can result in overcooling without solving the initial problem. There’s greater wear & tear on the undefined & needlessly high monthly electric bills.  Plus, when the undefined is running consistently, it consumes a wonderful deal of energy & is awful for the environment. The solution is a whole-lake house dehumidifier, which incorporates directly into the air handler of the cooling system. The dehumidifier pulls moisture out of the air to create a healthier & more comfortable home. It runs almost silently, is truly energy efficient, & allows customized settings.  Because of the humidifier, I’m able to raise the control device a bit without sacrificing comfort. The savings on the monthly energy costs have genuinely reduced the cost of the dehumidifier. I’m hoping that the reduced workload will optimize the reliability & repair life of the undefined.

indoor air quality