Wifi temperature control

Upgrading to a Wifi temperature control has made a big improvement in the comfort and efficiency of my home.  We were getting by with an old, plastic temperature control with a dial that needed to be manually turned. I’d need to remember to make an adjustment to the temperature control before leaving the home for work in the morning.  If I forgot, I’d pay to heat or cool an empty condo to the ideal temperature all day long. If I managed to make the adjustment, I’d come condo to either a super chilly or terribly overheated house. Although the new temperature control cost me many hundred dollars, it was worth it.  The smart temperature control allows me to customize the display, and the menu is attractively user-friendly. It also features reading capability, which made it super simple to program. For the first month after replacement, the temperature control kept track of every adjustment all of us made and automatically created a schedule.  Now, I rarely need to touch it. If there’s a change in our schedule, I can access the temperature control through an app on my smartphone or PC. It doesn’t matter if I’m tucked in bed, running on the treadmill, stuck at work or away on holiday, I can make changes with just a tap of my finger. Plus, I get all sorts of helpful information.  The temperature control tracks our energy use and provides tips to trims costs. It sends me alerts when it’s time to change the air filter, or if there’s a temperature fluctuation or power outage. One of the greatest features is voice command. I can simply provide the temperature control a direction, and it reacts accordingly.