Worried about the thermostat tracking me

After growing up watching all these incredibly frightening science fiction films where robots in addition to technology consistently rise up and rebel against humans, it makes myself and others wonder just a bit if something like that could easily happen; With all these smart technologies the most of us have nowadays, I occasionally wonder if I should have the technology in my life or not, then all our friends tell myself and others how good their “Alexa” devices in the house are in addition to how they have these good smart control units in addition to the existence of smart refrigerators. I have never updated to any of these devices because I personally have that lingering paranoia that something terrible might happen. I learn this article very recently about somebody’s Alexa unit recording their conversation in addition to sending it   right off to somebody, those people were in absolute shock because it was a private conversation they were having in addition to nobody authorized the unit to record the conversation in the first place, let alone send it to somebody else. That type of thing easily makes myself and others get quite uncomfortable. I’m sure it was some kind of insane malfunction somehow, however isn’t there a chance that it wasn’t a malfunction? What if these smart devices are suddenly waking up with actual intelligence in addition to are deciding to rebel entirely against people? If I somehow woke up in addition to I was a smart control unit that could actually eventually know about what was going on, I don’t know I would be too ecstatic about our synthetic “masters” telling myself and others what to do.

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