You have to install a new air conditioner

At last I finally found the home of my dreams.  My husband and I had been house hunting for nearly a year looking for the best lake house for our growing family.  We have two young children and we really needed a lake house that could accommodate our family while they were still young all the way through their adult years.  The most important feature to myself and my husband was a finished basement. I already knew the basement would supply myself and my husband the flexibility that we needed.  We found a lake house that had a partially finished basement with lots of room for improvement. My husband was worried about the possibility to make the basement nice enough to be a constant playroom for the kids.  We had a neighbor that worked at a Heating as well as A/C company so we quickly hired him to complete the basement remodel. We both found out that there were multiple reasons that basements are no easy task to keep effectively heated.  Thanks to the floors of the basement being made from concrete slabs, the water vapor sneaks through the cement slabs creating moisture, mold spores and humidity. I realized that the children would want to run around in the basement with no shoes on so I wanted a heating plan that would make the flooring warm and comfortable. I also needed a plan that would help lower the moisture down here.  We decided to install an in-floor radiant heating plan and a dehumidifier. The dehumidifier can help reduce the moisture in the air and improve the overall air cleanliness of the basement. The in-floor heating plan should warm up the floor warm and dry it to provide a comfortable environment in the basement area.

forced air heating