Zone Heating

I work in a beautiful school building.  I have been working here for ten years, and I absolutely love this place.  Two years ago, the school decided to allocate most of its budget towards a huge renovation of the building.  They really improved our building. They redid the floors, painted every classroom, installed shades in every room, and replaced all the furniture.  It is beautiful. Most importantly, they updated the heating and cooling system across the entire six floor building. Before, the first two floors were always heated or cooled to a comfortable level, but the other four floors suffered.  It was always too hot or too cold on those top four floors. They decided to fix that problem. They consulted an HVAC specialist who recommended separate thermostats for each floor, as well as each corridor. This is called zone heating.  They installed three thermostats on each floor. This allows each wing of every floor to be set to a different temperature. This ensures that every corner of the school is set to a comfortable temperature. Since this update, we have all been much happier.  In the beginning, we would argue a bit over who adjusted the temperature, but we eventually sorted it out. Each thermostat has a designated teacher on that wing that controls it. I have not had a day where I was too hot or too cold in a long time. My students were really excited about this, especially because my classroom is on the sixth floor and always overheats.  My classroom used to feel like a sauna in the summer months. Now, it is much more comfortable. We am very thankful!

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