A blue couch

Have you ever purchased a new home? When you walk in, it is so empty and has so much potential. I doubt there is anyone alive who does not have the desire to get all new furnishing for their newly-purchased home. Well, I am going to take the plunge. I close on my retirement home in a few weeks, and I am bringing only my clothes into the new home. Everything else will be carefully planned by my custom furniture dealer. My custom furniture dealer has an interior design team on staff, and they are there to assist me with getting exactly what I want in my home. I am bringing the designer to my house, and there she will take photos and listen to my thoughts and ideas about how I want to live in my golden years. I need total space planning, but people can also get just what they need, such as design for one room or help with wall coverings or window treatments or bedding and pillows. Whatever the customer’s needs, the custom furniture design studio is the place to get it. I want a simple lifestyle. Nothing too fussy or busy. I want a home that is easy to keep clean and does not cause too many tripping hazards. I would like it to resemble what I think of as a simple loft style home. I want comfortable furnishings and a cozy area to read and snuggle with the grandkids. The design consultant has suggested I go with a contemporary design setting, customized to suit my slightly feminine taste. I am excited to see the results.

custom built couches