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College was amazing, and at times, I wish that I could go back to those ideal times. One of the the things that made college such a wonderful experience for me was my excellent roomies. They were such awesome people and we grew quite close. They were so kind to me, and we got along so well, let me tell you. All three of us worked at the same local restaurant, so we certainly got to know one another well. I can’t remember a single time that we seriously fought or even had a big argument. To this day, all three of us are still really tight friends. There was one thing that we all agreed oh though, and that was that the dorm was a freezer. We weren’t allowed to adjust with the thermostat, and it was always set to chill your butt off cold. It felt like an icebox in our dorm room, and we needed help in the Winter. So, we bought extra blankets and a small electric heater to try and combat the cold. It was unreasonable to me that they wouldn’t turn the temperature up in the dorm because we were all suffering. Although it was a struggle, we were able to keep the room at a nominally comfortable temperature the majority of the time. College was totally fun, but I’m glad to be able to control my own thermostat now.

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