A bulk heater device

My roommates are baffled at how much time I spend in the basement of our rental house. On chilly days like we’ve been having recently, it is the perfect little sanctuary. Our condo has a finished basement, with its own bedroom plus lavatory. If you can get past the giant spiders, it also maintains the perfect temperature all year round, however while the basement has its own thermostat for the oil boiler, I rarely need to turn it on. This is because the basement has its own fascinating manner of staying warm no matter how chilly it gets outside. I suppose it’s because it has almost no windows; Either way, the basement hangs onto the warm air from out oil boiler and never lets it go. When it’s entirely bad, I turn the central furnace on for a short time then I immediately turn it off. In that short span of time, it can make the thermostat climb all the way to 65, which is more than warm enough for me. I don’t need to bury myself under a bunch of blankets, or throw on slippers to fight off the Winter time chill. When I get fatigued of freezing my butt off upstairs, I can go down to the basement and read a book or get some writing done. I never thought I would find myself being comfortable in a basement–I’m so used to them being musty plus gross–but this finished bonus room has me changing my tune. Plus, it saves me from needing to turn up the oil boiler on the thermostat.