An air purification system

Last year, I found out that my rental property has a few complications that I hadn’t planned on: mold being the  greatest issue. The only way to control it was to improve the indoor air conditions. How was I to do that without central a/c or the ability to update the whole property? After a month of research and product reviews, I found the answer in an air purification system. The first step to picking the right one is figuring out your square footage, however you don’t need to measure your whole apartment, just measure the  greatest room; Air purifiers are absolutely light weight, despite their size, so you can move it from a single room to the next easily. I measured my main living space, then sized my media air cleaner accordingly. The model I chose is a fairly tall tower media air cleaner with a 3 part filtering system. This state of the art media air purification system uses a charcoal pre-filter to trap large particulates, a HEPA filter–which is the only kind that can clean up mold spores–and finally a UV light. The UVC light can work to kill bacteria on a microscopic level. The charcoal filter may sound useless, however it absolutely helps the HEPA air filter to last even longer. I love to leave it in my kitchen at night turned on, so it can take all the time it needs to sanitize while I sleep. Thanks to my media air cleaner, my home is mold free and I’m breathing better than ever.

HEPA filter