A cooling filter change

I have been having some horrible headaches lately… I’m not sure what the problem is, either. I had my eyes checked out the other day just in case I needed to get glasses but the eye doctor let me know that my vision is fine. I also went to see a chiropractor just in case my spine was out of alignment but the chiropractor said I was easily fine, too. So that made myself and others start wondering if maybe there was a problem with the indoor air conditions in our property. I couldn’t really remember the last time that I’d changed the air filters in our heating and A/C equipment, and that couldn’t be good at all! So I called up our local HVAC supplier and made an appointment for them to come out and do some HVAC maintenance on our A/C equipment and furnace, and they came out a couple of afternoons later and did a thorough check of our entire system. This included the temperature control and the heating ducts and air vents. They said that our air filters certainly needed to be changed and that our ventilation ducts could use a serious cleaning. They said that there might be an environmental issue with too much dust or pollen that could be causing myself and others to experience headaches when breathing the air. They recommended that the people I was with and I get a whole home air purification system installed to work alongside our HVAC equipment. They seem to guess that having an air purification system will help with whatever I’m breathing in, and it might help to relieve the brutal headaches! I particularly hope it does!

air quality