A dock worker

Working at a dock where products come in is not an easy task. I have been a dock worker the past year for a dock that moves heating and cooling units to respected warehouses. The heating and cooling units come from all parts of the country, and it is our job to move those two ton things from the dock into the loading area for trucks to pick up the heating and cooling systems for warehouse placement. I actually one time in the beginning threw my back out from trying to load one of these heavy heating and cooling systems onto a dolly with 3 of my workers. I had to leave for the day and was off from work for 2 weeks while I recovered. HVAC systems are the only thing in my part of the dock that come in, so moving these things is all I do. The job is getting to be quite a strain and I think I am going to be quitting very soon and finding another job. As funny as it sounds, I had been thinking about becoming a heating and cooling specialist! You would think that after one of these HVAC systems nearly broke my back, that I would want nothing to do with the HVAC industry. However, heating and cooling has always been something i’ve been interested in since I was a teenager. That is actually how I ended up working on this loading dock in the first place. I thought the job was part of the heating and cooling industry and would be a way to work myself up to an HVAC specialist. But boy oh boy was I wrong! I stuck it out though, but the end is near…for sure!

air conditioning unit