A ductless system would be awesome

People love to share news, good or bad. You don’t have to know someone long before they are sharing an experience that they have had or someone heard that someone else had. I notice most conversations tend to follow this simple pattern. Person A begins with their experience and Person B in the conversation waits their turn to share a similar experience they had.  Sharing our experiences can help introduce people to new ideas or things. When I make a new purchase on a product that turns out to be excellent, I will share it so that other people can enjoy it too. One thing I love to share is how warm and comfortable my radiant floor heating system has made my home in the colder months. I explain what I learned about radiant flooring from the HVAC company that installed it for me. There are two types of radiant flooring: electric and water based systems. Pipes filled with hot water are the means by which water-based radiant flooring provides heat to a home. The water based radiant heating system is usually installed when a house is first being built or during an extensive remodelling. The electric radiant system uses wire to generate heat underneath the floor. I always strongly suggest installing electric radiant floor heating in their bathroom, as it would be an uncomplicated project and the end result are wonderfully warm bathroom floors. The electric radiant floor system is also more cost efficient to install than the water radiant system. However, both follow the same concept, by heating a room from the floor to the ceiling without using forced air, which ensures even heating in the space.

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