A HEPA filter saying

We have a new HVAC company in our area.  They must have a really good ad agency working for them, because they have the coolest commercials I have ever seen.  Their advertisements will stop you in your tracks. They are short, informative and they often make you laugh. Along with the laughter comes the realization of the message they are sending.  Last week, they were pushing the HEPA air filters and how well they improve the air quality. It is pretty powerful when you see a home that is filled with smoke and dirt and everyone is coughing.  Then you see a house that has pristine air, the family is healthy, and sitting in the corner of the kitchen is a box of HEPA filters. I laughed at the concept, but I was also thinking about my air filters.  Did my air filters remove over 95% of the airborne contaminants from our home. I knew that it didn’t because I could smell food odors from a couple days ago. I went online to see if I could find HEPA air filters for cheaper than I could get them at the HVAC company.  I was able to find a box of twelve HEPA air filter for only $50. I thought that was an amazing deal and I bought them. They should be delivered next week and I am anxious to find out just how much difference the HEPA air filters make in my air quality. My family will be really excited in the air quality change of our house when the HEPA air filters are installed.

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