putting off that HVAC call

Our winter had been really mild this year.  We were getting nights where the temperatures were as high as our normal highs.  Our daytime highs were hedging up to fifty. We hadn’t used the furnace yet and had just relied on our small wood stove in the living room.  We woke up one morning and we remembered that it was winter. January was bringing us our winter. We had the thermostat set to seventy, but it didn’t seem to want to fight back the cold winds.  We use older blankets on our bed and they weren’t doing much good to keep us warm. We adjusted the thermostat again and now it was set to seventy-five. All of a sudden it was way too warm. We reset the thermostat to seventy-two.  Now, we had found the common denominator. Our home was now winterized. We had plastic on the windows and our towels tucked in under the doors. I was still feeling a bit of a draft, but I wasn’t going to go in search of the source.  It seemed that throughout the week, all we were doing was adjusting the thermostat. This was really hard on our furnace and I was hoping we could forego having to call the HVAC company. I didn’t want the expense of an emergency service call.  Our furnace lasted through the roughest part of the season, and now we can have the HVAC system checked for any damage. I think our problem may be that we need a new thermostat.

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