A horrifying screeching noise coming from my HVAC system

My HVAC system started making one of the most awful screeching noises I’d ever heard in my life recently. That is not even an exaggeration, it truly was that bad. The first time it happened I shut everything down immediately, in fear that something had gone terribly wrong. Later on in the afternoon, when it really started getting hot, I decided to turn the A/C on and give it another try. I don’t know why I expected things to be any different and the screeching noise started up once again, even louder than before. I decided that I would have to be crazy to try and turn it on again, so I shut everything down and immediately called an HVAC technician for an appointment. I had to sleep in a hot, sweaty room that night, but I darn well knew that I wouldn’t be getting any sleep, even if there could be cool air coming from the vents with that horrible noise in the background! I’m no expert when it comes to HVAC, but I knew there was something seriously wrong with the mechanical components in my system. The HVAC technician came out the next afternoon. He examined the machinery and found the culprit for the awful noise. Apparently, the blower wheel came loose from the motor shaft and was screeching against the blower housing. Now, I have no idea what any of that means, but fortunately, I had not left the air conditioning running long enough to cause any lasting damage.The HVAC technician put the blower wheel back in its proper spot and tightened its connection to the motor. The job was done just like that; no more horrible screeching noises!

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