A little critique

There’s nothing wrong with people who want to shorten their lifespan. I mean, we’ve all had those days. However, I firmly believe that you should not impose your early death on someone else. My partner plus I are both nonsmokers, clearly.  I personally cannot sit the stink of cigarette smoke for one moment, I find that I tend to have a hard time breathing around people who have ever smoked. I have been told that I am genuinely offensive to many smokers because I won’t be around them. It’s just because the stink does bother myself and others so much.  That’s why, when both of us have family members over for a visit we try to ask that they go out to the driveway to smoke. It’s simply so that they aren’t inside the house plus they aren’t right near the windows while they are outside smoking, either. This has caused a lot of family drama. Certain family members feel that both of us are being very unwelcoming towards them, and we even have one aunt who will sneak off to any unoccupied room in the house plus light up there secretly. It is because of this 1 family member in particular that both of us sat down and finally decided to have a whole house air purification idea installed into the air handling system of the house.  All of us want to be sure that both of us consistently have the very cleanest air possible. With the help of our modern air purification idea both of us are able to achieve amazing indoor air quality plus even when our chain smoking family members visit both of us are somehow still able to maintain a good air quality. I really appreciate our whole house air cleaner.

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