Inheriting a Beach House

My parents had a beautiful beach house on the coast several hours from our hometown. We would join the family there many summers to relax, walk on the beach and enjoy the cool ocean breezes. I was an only child and after my parents passed away all of their property was left to me.  Somewhat sadly I went to the beach house for the first time after it was officially mine. The place had a number of great memories. When I arrived the house had been shut up for over a year and was warm and musty inside. My father had several window air conditioners strategically placed around the house.  A couple of the units no longer functioned. I found the window units the be ugly and noisy so I called a local HVAC company the very next day. I wanted to get a quote for installation of central air conditioning for the beach house. The salesman come out and gave me a couple options and I decided to go with the system that was pretty middle of the road for what they offered.  I knew that we would not be using the beach house more than a couple months of the year so there was not any need to have a fancy system. In a couple days the new central air system was installed and I noticed the difference immediately. The house felt fresh and comfortable. The air inside was not humid and the system was very quiet. My family and some friends soon came to visit and they too were impressed with the addition of central air conditioning. After a fun day at the beach and relaxing in the sun, it felt wonderful to retire to a cool and comfortable place for the evening.  Maybe we will use this beach house more than I had planned!

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