A mountain cabin

I love to walk I walk at least three miles every day. In the spring and fall, I like to take advantage of the nice weather and walk at the nature preserve. But when the weather turns bad, I like to walk around the mall and take advantage of their heating or air conditioning, depending on whether it is summer or winter. I tried a gym membership once but I only ever use the treadmill. It is very tedious walking in place. The price also seems a bit high to just go and walk. The mall is perfect though. For the price of a coffee or a slushy, I can walk all day in the climate controlled building if I wish too. I wish I could stop at just a drink or two though but I always find bargains during my morning walks. You know, I am not sure that I am saving money by walking in the mall instead of the gym with all the shopping I end up doing. Still, the atmosphere is so much better. The HVAC system, no sweaty bodies, the smell of pretzels instead of gym socks, and nice sales, make for a very pleasant experience. I am looking for other malls or shops in the area to walk around now. It is essential that they have comfortable heating and air conditioning though. A friend of mine recommended museums too. I think I would like to give that a try. People just don’t realize how many climate controlled places there are out there for people like me to just go and walk in.