This air conditioner is perfect

The only real exercise I get, is when I am walking.  I try to get in several miles of walking a day. Spring is an amazing time of year to go out and walk, because the world is coming to life again.  I have a nature preserve that has a walking paths that goes all around the area. When the weather takes a turn for the worse, I go to the mall. I like the mall because of the heating and air conditioning.  I first tried to get a gym membership, but walking and just looking at the same wall for an hour, was no fun at all. Gym memberships are really expensive, and the air quality isn’t really so great. That’s when I started to go to the mall.  I’m not so sure about the saving of the money, because I am always inclined to do a little bit of shopping while I am there. If I did it right, I could walk for hours and all I had to buy was something to drink, but I don’t always stick to the slushy for my spending.  I was talking to a couple of friends, and they suggested that I try going to the local museum. They excellent air quality, and the HVAC is perfect in museums. Because of the different kinds of displays, they need to have perfect heating and air conditioning to protect all of them.  I was really blown away when I began to realize how many places there were that I could go to and walk. They all have good heating and air conditioning, and the air quality may be different, but it is very good.

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