A new stage

I went to my sister’s home Last week for a bit of a family reunion. She lives in the South and it was so hot and humid. We spent a lot of time outdoors Bar-B-Quing and just hanging out together in nature. She lives in the woods and is very self sustaining. Andrea and her husband use solar power and a gas generator for all their power needs, they also have a window A/C unit installed into the wall of their home and it works great in keeping their home nice and cool. The whole family took turns hanging out in her small home and cooling down in front of the A/C unit before going back outside to participate in the festivities. The A/C unit was so nice and I was thankful on Friday when I was asked to stay inside and  boil potatoes for the picnic that afternoon. Andrea and her husband are also looking into adding onto their home but they are not sure that their window A/C unit can handle the extra room and they don’t know if their solar panels can handle a stronger A/C unit. They are going to have an HVAC company come out and asses the situation before they proceed with the add-on. I so hope that it works out. With extra space, the whole family could stay inside, with the A/C unit the next time we all gather. That would be so much nicer. I actually like my sister’s backwoods place although I like to stay cool and comfortable too.

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