A new type of heater

When I was a little kid, my parents did not have central heat. We had a small wood stove in the middle of our small home, and we left the doors open at night. We did not have a very big home, so the wood stove provided enough heat. When we moved again, we had another wood gas furnace, in fact, we did not have electric heat until I was ten years old. My dad got a significant raise in pay, when he helped patent a software program with his supplier. We moved to a nice home in the suburbs, with a central heating, ventilation and an A/C unit, however for the first time in our life, I finally had a heating vent in my bedroom, but the winter weather did not seem to cause many complications, and I think it was due to the central heating equipment. I made a lot of new friends, and everyone wanted to hang out my house. That was a lot different than our old place. We lived in that town for almost twenty years. I graduated from the local private school, and  attended four years at the community school. I played interests during my years of school, and I even got a scholarship for basketball. When I went away for our final years of school, I was worried to leave the place behind. That was the longest amount of time we stayed in one place. I made a good group of friends, and we are still close to this day, then one of our best friends has construction supplier, and they built our house.