A nice day and fresh air

When I bought our home about 4 years ago all of us knew that it needed some serious renovations. Problem was, all of us were young and our jobs did not pay that much so all of us knew all of us would have to do things a little bit at a time; Both of us did what all of us had to do to be able to move into the house, and now, 4 years later, all of us are still doing renovations; The living room and kitchen have been completely remodeled and I love those, but the next thing I want renovated more than anything else is the lavatory.  Okay, it is a functional room however, it is not exactly what you would call a comfortable location to be. Every time someone takes a shower I have to leave the fan going for at least a couple of hours just to remove the moisture from the room. If I do not do this I am always battling mildew that sprouts up along the baseboards. The main concern with the room is that it undoubtedly has no air flow other than the small lavatory fan that was installed years ago. There are no windows in the room so I can’t even open those on a nice day to  freshen air in the room, however what we are asking our worker to look into is installing several things, first an energy efficient window to provide light and air to the room. Secondly, as the room has an exterior wall I would appreciate him to install a small mini-split Heating and A/C component so that all of us can regulate both temperature and moisture in the room as needed. I believe that the Heating and A/C component will be a little bit overpriced but all of us are in a odd situation than all of us were 10 years ago and can definitely afford it.

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