We all have an appreciation of the sport

Ever since our little sister got engaged she has been talking about an outdoor ceremony.  For this reason, when they chose an April ceremony date, I was shocked. She kept saying that the Cherry Blossoms would be in bloom and the smell would add to the ambience.  There was a location in the country that had a appealing ceremony spot up on the top of a small plateau that was surrounded by the Cherry Blossom trees; All of this seemed ideal, but, you can’t always count on the weather going along with your plans, and under normal circumstances, the date they chose for their ceremony would have been absolutely perfect as far as the blooms being ready.  Now early April, as well as the trees have barely begun to flower as well as it does not look ideal for a picturesque scenery. However with the way the weather has been it will be a miracle if all of us can even be outside at all. Some of the guests are elderly and frail as well as if it is too cold they won’t be able to handle the temperatures for that long. As your maid of honor, I decided to contact the event coordinator as well as see what other possibilities all of us have available in the event of cold weather, however the people I was with and I got lucky!  They told myself and others that they had a scenic cabin that was climate controlled that could be used if needed, but because they had run into this situation before they even had large backdrops that showed pictures of the cherry blossoms while they were in bloom that our sister as well as her fiance could use for the wedding photos! I guess this was not her perfect plan however it is always fantastic to have an alternative route in case the original one gets ruined.

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