A poor thermostat device

Why do people steal?  I think about this quite often.  Even when the police are cruising by in their air conditioned cars through the town.  There have been huge rise in burglaries on parked cars in our community these last few weeks.  I figure most thieves are driven by anger or addiction. Then, I think there are those thieves who just love to steal.  I think they like consider themselves to be modern day pirates or something. Well, every year it appears to become an ever worsening blight on our area.  When I moved here, our community was tiney, well kept and neighborly. Now, I just sense a big deal of fear. I can understand considering the lengths some thieves are prepared to go to get something of value.  Recently, I came upon our acquaintance how had her head in her hands. I walked up to her to see if I could help. She just pointed to the back of her house telling me to go have a look. I rounded the corner to see the heating and cooling condenser unit torn to shreds.  I couldn’t believe what I was looking at. Some criminal snuck up and ripped out every piece of copper tubing in the outside heating and cooling component. Have we all sunk so low that someone would yank the copper from a heating and cooling unit? The thieves will get nothing but pennies on the dollar for the copper.  Yet, my neighbor will have to fork over thousands to update the heating and cooling system. Her insurance company is already giving her a hard time. I am somewhat repulsed by my own reaction. Immediately, I went online to purchase a starter kit which allows me to lock the HVAC condenser cabinet to the concrete pad where it rests.  Are things going to continue to get worse before they get better?

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