Want more heating in the north

When I was young, my family and I lived in the northern area of the country. Our city is known for having the most snowfall in the whole country, and the temperature is almost always below freezing in the months of September through January, however because we relied on the gas furnace for about five months of the year, we needed to make sure it was ready to go at all times. Once the gas furnace is on for the year, my aunt likes to keep it on continuously to reduce the wear and tear on it! He was always careful to keep the ducts and vents clean. He also made sure to not blast the gas furnace unnecessarily, however rather keep the house at a warm temperature. One year, there was a storm so big that we were out of school for almost an entire week! Unfortunately for us, we were also out of power, I remember being so excited about missing university until I realized that we had no heat! We did our best to bundle up under blankets as well as sit by the fireplace, however the small bundle of logs could only do so much, then luckily for us, my aunt was able to hook up a generator in our room so that we could run our gas furnace as well as use electricity again. The rest of the storm felt prefer an extra Christmas trip from university… Now I understand why my aunt always insisted on taking such great care of the gas furnace. it was nearly impossible to live without! I’m excited that we will be prepared the next time another large storm knocks the power out because no number of blankets and layers can make up for being without a gas furnace in the midst of a cold winter!