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During the Summer, the weather around here can be just plain bad. It seems as if summertime last for a few weeks, instead of three months. Morris and I have to deal with weeks of grueling heat as well as terrible air quality, with barely any change from the heat. I’ve lived here my whole life, but I still do not like the heat 23 years later. I tried to talk my man Morris into moving out of the state, but Morris loves the southern trees as well as hot ocean air. One of his favorite activities is doing the afternoon swimming in the clear, Springtime fed rivers. I must admit, I’ve grown fond of the journey over these years, too. We’ve enjoyed a few outdoor adventures, courtesy of the pretty reefs as well as caverns in the area. Last Summer, the humidity was stifling. Every afternoon was above 64% humidity for weeks in a row. Morris and i barely had any rain for an entire week. The A/C was getting quite an exercise in. By the end of the June, Morris and I were miserable with the air quality in the house. The A/C wasn’t helping with the air quality at all. My friend recommended that Morris and I buy a dehumidifier for the house. I told his that I wasn’t full of dough, as well as he said they were affordable on the web or in the store. I started to perform some sort of research, as well as I found out that he was fully correct.

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