Air flow in the house

In the hot season, the weather around here can be terrible. It seems enjoy Summer last for 8 weeks, instead of 5 weeks. Brody and I have 8 weeks of grueling heat in addition to humidity, with barely any change from the heat. Brody and I lived here our whole life, even though I still detest the warmth thirty years later. I tried to talk Brody into moving out of the state, but my man likes the green trees in addition to hot ocean air. One of his favorite activities is spending the day snorkeling on the clear, Spring done rivers. I must tell you, I’ve grown fond of the adventure over these years, too. Brody and I have enjoyed a few outdoor adventures, courtesy of the beautiful reefs in addition to coral in the area. Last Summer, the humidity was just plain bad. Every day was above 64% humidity for weeks in a row. Brody and I barely had any rain for an entire week. The air cooling system was getting quite a workout. By the end of the Summer, Brody and I were miserable with the humidity in the house. The air conditioner wasn’t helping with the air quality at all. My coworker told us  that the two of us buy a dehumidifier for the house. I told my co worker that I wasn’t full of money, in addition to the worker said they were affordable online or in the store. I started to do some of that research, in addition to I found out that my friend was 100% correct.

HVAC tune-up