A writing getaway in my backyard

Now that I’ve finally landed an agent and have started making strides towards a major novel deal with a publishing house, my partner has agreed that I can finally make a space just for my writing. The problem is, nowhere in the house really works for me. Sure, I have a home office, but that’s for work–where I edit, query, and juggle the mountains of emails. I want my writing space to be away from all of that, where I can leave it all behind and just get the words on the page. What I decided on what was a type of shed that has a full floor and a skylight–eliminating the need for light to be used during the daytime. The only issue now is how to keep it comfortable year round. I know its going to be too hot in the summer and freezing in winter. But with some digging, I found a website full of heating and air conditioning technology information. It took some time to settle on the right unit–as HVAC units vary greatly by the size of the space and are not a cheap purchase–but I have finally settled on a heat pump. Despite its name, a heat pump is a type of ductless mini split HVAC unit that can properly provide both heating and cooling to a space. The heat pump also doesn’t need oil or gas, so I’m going to set up a solar panel that will allow it to operate without running up the electric bill. I’m thrilled to have a space that will help me to crush deadlines in my growing publishing career.