Dehumidifier keeps my instruments in tune

I grew up with music, and while I’m not a major musician today, I do still love to play. However, I don’t play a guitar around a fire or entertain my friends with a big fancy piano. I grew up listening to my dads old jazz albums, so when I was young I immediately picked up a saxophone at the first chance grade school offered me. Today I don’t get to play it as much as I would like, but my saxophone is still very near and dear to my heart. However, it’s not so easy an instrument to keep as a keyboard or a ukulele. They need a certain environment to be kept well, and I don’t have central air conditioning. I live in the northeast, where most homes only have a boiler or a furnace for central heating. Saxophones have a wooden cork that can go out of tune and even warp properly if they’re kept in the wrong environment. They also have a complex series of pads which work with each note; these can grow moldy and cost a small fortune to replace. So, since I’ve decided to hang on to it after all these years, I’ve also decided that I need to do all I can to keep it in peak condition. The answer was to get a dehumidifier for my bedroom, where it is stored. The dehumidifier works to remove excess moisture in the air, keeping it nice and dry. This little appliance helps the saxophone stay in tune, so it’s less fuss to break it out and jam for awhile. Partnered with an air purifier to keep the environment nice and clean, my saxophone is safe and sound, even without central air conditioning to keep the room incredibly cold.

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