Able to adjust the thermostat to what I want

I have lived with roommates for pretty much my entire life… When I was younger I lived with my parents as well as then once I was in university I had to get roommates to be able to afford the rent. I always loved living with my parents as well as I was fortunate that my university roommates were easily good as well. I absolutely didn’t have any concerns with roommates at all, however last year, I sadly had to move out because my roommate wanted to have her girlfriend move in. I totally understood because they were entirely going to be married in the next few years as well as wanted to live together before that. So, this essentially meant that I was going to have to get a site all to myself. I have never experienced living by myself as well as I was so happy to get to do it… My Dad always told myself and others that if the opportunity presented itself to live alone for once, that we should jump at the opportunity. That is just what I did. I have now been living alone for about 2 months now as well as I easily enjoy it! One thing I never thought I would appreciate so much is being able to set the Heating as well as Air Conditioning device to whatever I want. I always let my roommates set the temperature control because I am not too picky about the Heating as well as Air Conditioning device temperature… However, I never realized how nice it was to have the household blast air conditioning while I was resting! I don’t really know that I’ll ever be able to have another roommate again!

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