AC causing some issues

The other day, my hubby and I had a fight,he threw something and it killed the thermostat, which broke into pieces and the HVAC system was no longer working! While the fight was a little heated, I was entirely shocked when he broke the thermostat unit, now, I don’t think he did it on purpose, but he did aim for the wall that the thermostat was on and it was totally messed up, i told him to call the HVAC corporation instantly so that they could upgrade the control unit thermostat, because we could not go separate from our air conditioning. It was absolutely awful because we were already starting to heat up inside of the house. He entirely did feel awful for destroying the control unit thermostat, so he did call the HVAC corporation. It’s funny, the shock of the broken control unit entirely ended the fight, however and when the HVAC company came over and installed a current smart thermostat, both of us could hardly even remember what both of us were fighting about. While I was kind of mad about the control unit thermostat being broken to begin with, I was kind of cheerful because I entirely like this current smart control thermostat unit a lot better! Both of us are now able to control the HVAC with our smart iPhones and both of us can control it from virtually anywhere! I entirely just hope he doesn’t decide to split this current control thermostat unit in the heat of some stupid fight. There’s entirely no need to get violent with our HVAC equipment!