Temperature control concerns

When my spouse and me were just going out for a drive, the air conditioning in the car quit working, and i thought that was peculiar although I knew that I likely just had to recharge the refrigerant in the air conditioning compressor, so I parked at the store as well as told my spouse to just wait there for a little while, then to my disappointment the store was surprisingly crowded. I realized that they were short of staff so they only had one man taking care of the checkout line. It took me almost 15 minutes just to go in there, get a refrigerant refill kit as well as then come back out to the car; My spouse was really dying as well as I apologized that it took longer than I thought it would. She complained that I left her out in a sauna! I opened the hood as well as went to refill the refrigerant to the HVAC compressor, when I had it filled, I started up the car as well as worked the controls on the temperature control thermostat system. The air conditioning abruptly became ice-cold and I told her that it was all good now! She smiled and told me that now I owed her a nice dinner at an expensive eatery for making her wait in an overheated car for nearly an hour. I had to protest as well as said, “Wait a hour, it was more like 15 mins”. She said it felt like an hour to her as well as so I took her to her favorite eating establishment, then unfortunately, the eating establishment was experiencing troubles with their HVAC system so all of us decided to get our food to go as well as we went back to my home as well as enjoyed the food with the A/C cranked up.