Ac in my college course

When I was in school, I had to take summer time classes so I decided to stay in the dorms on campus, there was a deal going on where the dorms were free to any student who was enrolled full time over the summer. Given that I was in university as well as trying to save money wherever possible, I cheerfully took the university up on this offer as well as moved into my assigned dorm room. To my pure displeasure, these dorms did not have a/c, then because I live in a fairly cool temperature, I didn’t realize this throughout the university year. Things were constantly comfortable enough without any a/c… However, in the warmth of the summer time weeks, this was a different story; It was nearly impossible for myself and others to spend time in our dorm room other than when I went to bed. It was so hot in there as well as I was constantly uncomfortable as well as sticky. Had I realized that this going into the summer, I legitimately would have looked for somewhere else to live that had access to a/c. I suppose this ended up helping our grades in the long run because I ended up spending all of my free time at the Borders. The Borders was the only spot on campus that had a great a/c. I right away felt a strange sense of relief when the cool air hit. I found myself making time to do all our work there, even when I was done, I would lay around a little longer just to soak up the cool air. I’m starting to suppose the university did this on purpose in an effort to make us all study more! Either way, I am grateful that I had somewhere to go to find some cool air!

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